Alex Rowe Gorosh would have been a great ship captain. Beyond his ability to acquire technical skills, Alex is a hard worker, a good listener and a solid leader. Morale would remain high, even in uncharted territories and stormy seas. 

Alex would have been a great captain but instead he channels his leadership skills into filmmaking expeditions. Along with an eye for stunning imagery and an ear for storytelling, he brings compassion and commitment to every project.

As an added bonus, Alex hasn't had a single confrontation with scurvy or pirates.



Starbucks, Gap Inc, FedEx, UPS, Ben & Jerry's, Erste Bank & Sparkasse, GE Ecomagination, MTV Studios, Catfish: the TV Show, GOOD Magazine, Outward Bound, Mashable,, Disney Nature, University of Phoenix, Flip Cameras, Eolo - Patagonia's Spirit, Orly International, Vestergaard-Frandsen, Innocent Drinks Ltd,, Academic Treks, Fresh Air Society, Detroit Creativity Project, Laureate University, Atlas Films, Environmental Charter School, Green Ambassadors, Gizmogul

(Alex Gorosh does not normally shoot with a Bolex)

(Alex Gorosh does not normally shoot with a Bolex)

Commercial and Documentary Director, Alex Gorosh, discusses the unique power and responsibility of filmmakers and the organizations who hire them. In this talk, Alex shares the insights he discovered on a solo journey to one of the most polluted places on earth.